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Lindsay Hughes, MA

Lindsay is a certified registered medical assistant since graduating with an Associate's Degree in 2003. Over the years, she has worked in numerous medical offices including family practice, orthopedics, and pain management. Her passion involves pain management and regenerative medicine. She has a passion for any and all procedures from office injections to assisting with minor office based surgeries.

Lindsay has worked with Dr. Stone since he began practicing medicine in Arizona. She was a member of the team at Southwest Spine & Sports during Dr. Stone's fellowship. She left Southwest Spine & Sports to briefly join a family medicine practice before she joined up again with Dr. Stone at AZ Spine Disc & Sport. She left this office to move with Dr. Stone over to Chandler at Stone Med. Dr. Stone is unable to get rid of this one, and he knows how lucky he is to have her on his team. Deep down, Lindsay knows that Dr. Stone and Tina would be lost without her so she has promised to never leave Stone Med.

Lindsay is a huge believer in regenerative medicine, as she has had numerous platelet rich plasma injections with Dr. Stone over the years. Lindsay's personal oath is to treat patients as family and not as a number. "If it were not for our patients, we would not be here. They are the reason we care so much."

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