Pain Management
Stone Med will evaluate your condition to determine a diagnosis for your pain and to discuss, recommend, and perform appropriate treatment options. 
Regenerative Medicine
Stone Med offers several treatment options that have potential to not only reduce pain, but also to promote healing of damaged and degenerated tissue.
Sports Medicine
Stone Med can help treat a wide variety of patients ranging from professional and high level athletes to the weekend warrior with muscle, tendon, joint, & ligament injuries. 
Hormone Balancing
Hormone imbalances can cause a wide variety symptoms. Stone Med can helped optimize hormone levels in the body using Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy.
Stone Med offers several options to help counteract the effects of normal aging. Read more about the various options that we can perform in this clinic.
Vitamin Therapy/IV Hydration
Stone Med offers several options and packages for vitamin supplementation and IV hydration which may help improve health, lose weight, and improve athletic performance.



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