Insurance-Based Services

Accepting patients 13+ for all primary care services such as: annual physicals, anxiety/depression mngt., & chronic disease mngt.

Pain Management

We are continuing to accept low-dose pain management. patients. Including those with chronic-disease pain, joint pain, & those with sports related injuries.

Accepting sports medicine patients 13+, specializing in sports physicals, health, nutrition, maintenance, rehabilitation, & wellness. 

Weight Mngt.

Our medically supervised weight management programs don't just help you lose fat, they also help you create good habits for the future. One program is partially covered through insurance.

Primary Care


  Christina Tretter NP-C's personal philosophy incorporates holistic and complementary alternatives to traditional medicine. She feels that “as every patient is an individual—so is their treatment plan.” In the years since Stone Med has been opened, her Primary Care following has exponentially grown. Some of the aspects Christina specializes in are Annual/Sports Physicals for ages 13+, Anxiety/Depression management, Sports Medicine and Nutrition, medically supervised weight-management, & even hormone optimization.

Doctor's Desk

Sports Medicine


Stone Med offers comprehensive sports medicine & nutrition. We offer individualized weight management programs (some, partially covered by insurance), sports physicals, & joint injections which utilize steroid, gel, or PRP injections. We will also be conveniently located in the Ahwatukee Foothills in the Desert Foothills Plaza once the office build is complete. We also have numerous professional connections throughout the valley so any referrals can be easily handled. 

Pain Management

At Stone Med we offer low-dose pain management, chronic disease management, hormone optimization, trigger point injections, and small joint injections with options of steroid, PRP, or hyaluronic acid. We even offer therapeutic botox for migraine, TMJ, and hyperhydrosis; these procedures are usually covered by insurance*. 

Joint Pain